Zuidas Amsterdam

Zuidas and the Gershwin Brothers

Irish Blue Limestone features in a new development in Zuidas, Amsterdam, which is fast becoming one of the city’s most fashionable areas. Close to the Amsterdam forest, but also conveniently situated for the airport and railway system, it is a modern residential and business district, and unlike the old city centre it features contemporary architecture, including many high-rise buildings. Zuidas is described as having a ‘Manhattan feel’, so it is appropriate that two of its newest residential buildings are named after a pair of famous New Yorkers; designed by LEVS Architects, these prestigious projects are called the ‘Gershwin Brothers’, after George Gershwin the composer and his lyricist brother Ira.

Although designed as a pair, the buildings are stylistically different; ‘George’, which is several storeys taller, is faced with light yellow brick, with contrasting bands of decorative concrete, whereas Ira’s brick is reddish brown.  Both blocks are stepped in shape, with ample terraces on every floor.  The buildings were designed with environmental efficiency in mind, and the upper floors are covered with sufficient solar panels to illuminate the interior.

Irish Blue Limestone at George and Ira

Stone Base B.V. is a Dutch natural stone company located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, to the east of Rotterdam. The company supplies quality stone products such as Irish Blue Limestone to many large contractors including the Amsterdam City Council; so, they were a natural choice for the important Gershwin Brothers project.  Stone Base used Irish Blue Limestone to make a major contribution to the surroundings of these elegant Zuidas buildings, where public spaces have been designed to create a relaxed and tranquil environment, in contrast to the hectic activity of this high-rise business district.  Irish Blue Limestone was chosen in this setting for its natural and timeless effect; paving, kerbing and seating enhance the courtyards and walkways which (this being Amsterdam) border De Boelegracht canal.   The buildings have proved popular with tenants, who appreciate the calm atmosphere of the communal areas.  Additionally, a large restaurant on the ground floor of George is attracting many visitors to the area.