Kilkenny Blue Limestone

Irish Blue Limestone has made an important contribution to the heritage of Ireland. In the traditional quarrying areas of Carlow and Kilkenny it is hard to find an older building where the stone does not feature.
Many of the buildings which form Ireland’s valuable heritage are testament to the skills of the mason and the versatility of the Irish Blue Limestone.
However no country can dwell solely on past glories and no material can survive without embracing progress.

Forward looking and technologically competent companies, who have married up to the minute processing with traditional mason’s skills, mean that many of the most striking buildings of today can incorporate one of the most traditional materials.

The skylines of Dublin, Cork, Galway and European cities like Brussels, Amsterdam and London testify to the enduring character and versatility of the Irish Blue Limestone. The interiors of numerous churches, offices and public buildings would be much poorer without the altars, cladding, floors, desks and architraves made from the Irish Blue Limestone. The public spaces and gardens in many European and Irish towns and cities are also enriched by the use of Irish Blue Limestone for walling, walkways and structural features.

Whatever your ambitions – be it a floor for the porch, a centre point for the garden or the future heritage building, the versatility of Irish Blue Limestone means that there will be a finish, a texture or a colour that will add the final touch to the project.

You only need to look around to see the evidence of millennia of experience in the mining and working of the Irish Blue Limestone. The producers have continued the traditions of getting the best from the material when it comes to extraction and processing but the future is in your hands when it comes to making innovative uses of Irish Blue Limestone.
Go with your ambitions and use the skills of the Irish Blue Limestone producers to turn it into reality.

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