Limestone Slabs

Three hundred and fifty million years old, formed when Western Europe was under a shallow tropical sea close to the equator, blue limestone is a unique blend of clear stone and lovely fossils, sea lilies and shellfish, which makes every slab unique.

McKeon Stone is justifiably proud of the quality of the Kilkenny Blue Limestone slabs it offers.  Quarried at Threecastles in Kilkenny, shaped and cut by our team of craftsmen, our Kilkenny Blue Limestone can be found in modern city centres as well as in ancient buildings that demand the use of traditional building materials for restoration and refurbishment.  Many of our clients are particularly demanding when it comes to the ethical sourcing of materials, and the care we take in protecting the environment around our quarries is a matter of great importance to them.

Kilkenny Blue Limestone slabs are also growing in popularity for smaller projects; terraces and patios, gardens and parks, and pool edgings  (where it’s non-slip surface is particularly important), Kilkenny Blue Limestone is making an appearance, and a very lovely appearance it is, too.  Landscape gardeners and designers are finding this versatile stone is ideal for a range of applications, and, because it is a natural stone, it blends easily into the soft landscaping of designs both large and small.

We can supply slabs up to 2700 mm x 1700 mm, with thicknesses ranging from 20 mm to 2000 mm, with four qualities of stone, each with its own characteristics, so that our clients may be sure that they have selected the best product for their individual projects.

Container of slabs – from 20mm thickness to 200mm

Container of slabs from 50 mm to 300mm thickness