Building Stone

Natural Facing Stone for Buildings and Walls
In the past decade in Ireland there has been a huge increase in the use of indigenous stone for facing houses and walls. The stone used has been mainly Limestone or Sandstone.
Limestone has a colour range light to dark grey.
Limestone can be supplied as Rubble Stone which needs a skilled mason to work into shape and build it.
Limestone can also be supplied as random Splitstone which usually has straight edges making is considerably easier to build with.
Splitstone can be built to a defined pattern using a range of 3 to 6 different sizes of stones.
This is known as Modular splitstone . Splitstone can also be supplied in random sizes but still square on 4 sides and so can be built quite easily.

Random Rubble Stone

Chopped stone, random sizes. Thickness from 4″ to 6″. Approx. 4 square metres per bag. Sides of stone may be sawn or chopped

Random Split Stone

Chopped stone with four sawn edges. 4″ to 5″ or 100mm thickness. Random sizes of stone. Used for wall building…

Modular Splitstone

Split Face with 4 sawn edges. Specific sizes of stones, not random sizes. Can be cut to a pattern…

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