Window Cills and Surrounds

Before there was ever concrete in Irish houses , there was natural stone window cills. Looking at old houses you will see the traditional limestone window cill. In the past few years there has been a revival in the use of natural stone for window cills again. They add value to a house , look very comtemporary and are maintenance free.
With advances in diamond cutting technology , natural stone building products are more affordable than ever.
We work with individuals building their own one off houses as well as housing developers building on a larger scale.
We can make cills to order with a typical 3 to 4 week leadtime. Be it curved , angled or just plain straight we will make to suit.
There are a variety of finishes that can change the texture and colour of the stone. Cills can be sanded , blue honed, punched , combed , bushhammered or pitched.
A visit to our Stradbally show rooms shows the full display with all the various finishes.
Window jambs and heads can also be made in limestone as per a customers requirement.

Cills can be made to order. Maximum Length is 2700mm. Any cill longer can be made in two pieces.
BEWARE OF IMITATIONS CHINESE DOLOMITE STONE IS NOT IRISH LIMESTONE Dolomite has black lines and small round dots and will stain with a brown iron oxide colour over time

Range of Cills

Range of Limestone Cills.

Contemporary Window Surrounds

Solid Limestone window surround and cills.

Profiled Window Surround

Profiled Limestone window surround.

Flat Limestone Cills

Traditional 4″ Cill A 100mm thick flat cill alongside red brick.

Round Window Surround With Keystones

Circular window frame against red brick.

Surround With Keystone

Slayed cill with Solid Jambs and head with Keystone. The block wall is faced with rubble stone.

Limestone Window Surround with Keystone

Arhed windows with keystones curved cills.

Intricate Solid Limestone Surround

Profiled Heads Soild Surrounds.

Intricate Apex Window Surrounds

Intricate Apex Window Surrounds.

Arched & Round Window Surrounds

Elliptical window surround and Traditional surrounds.

Split Limestone Window Surround

Split Limestone Window Surround.

Blue Honed Cills and Limestone Door Pediments

Housing Development in Urlingford Kilkenny by Architect Ciaran Michael O Brien.

Traditional Cill

Restoration of old cottage.

Punched Face Cill

Example of a non standard cills based on the client’s requirements.

Window Cills & Surrounds

Window Cills & Surrounds

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