The city of Amsterdam have being using “Blue Limestone” for centuries and over the last few decades the city of Amsterdam have renewed the paving stones many cities with “Irish Blue Limestone”

The streets are lined with Blue Limestone kerbing, paving and street furniture

A popular kerbing that is supplied to the Amsterdam City is a design similar to that of a jigsaw picture in which is referred to as “Holl & Doll” Kerbing which the ends slot in together

Since 1995 Blue Limestone has been used for the refurbishment and resurfacing of streets and sidewalks.

Irish Blue Limestone is a Carboniferous Limestone and is very rich in fossil. In various locations you can discover fossil Brachiopods from the Early Carboniferous age.

Annemieke Van Roekel has produced a book “Discover Fossils in Downtown Amsterdam” and a website “Shell banks in the city” which gives interesting reading on the history and characteristic on our Blue Limestone.