McKeon Stone’s Threecastles Quarry in Kilkenny was put to an unusual purpose recently when it became the backdrop for a fashion photo-shoot. The huge quarry, where Kilkenny Blue Limestone has been mined for over two hundred years, played host to photographers and models from Horseware Ireland, a company which produces fashionable outfits for riders as well as essential equipment for horses.

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An Alien Landscape

McKeon Stone takes over fifteen thousand cubic metres of limestone from the quarry every year, leaving behind a strange lunar landscape of sheer cliffs, rubble and boulders. If you are a fashion stylist, this is apparently just the kind of surreal setting you look for to make a strong contrast with high-quality clothes and the glamorous people who wear them. So, McKeon was very pleased to let Horseware have access to the quarry – on a non-working day, of course, so the models’ outfits did not need to be topped off with hard hats.

The Horseware Catalogue

The photo-shoot lasted four hours, and the photographs will be used in Horseware’s new catalogue. Emma Kearney of Horseware told the industry trade magazine Stone Specialist that the quarry was ‘an amazing location’. Dan Fitzpatrick, McKeon’s export manager, was on hand to assist the shoot, although there is said to be no guarantee that he and his Hi Vis jacket will be featured in the Horseware catalogue.


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