Dominic Welch

Dominic Welch

Continually evolving his distinct sense of abstraction, Welch realises solid, yet fluid forms in Kilkenny limestone, Ancaster Weatherbed, Carrara marble and bronze.

Rooted in the natural world, his purity of form is inspired by the organic logic of seeds, pods, shells and fish, suggesting natural harmonies that both calm the senses and spark the imagination.

Welch trained under Peter Randall-Page, and shares his admiration for Brancusi’s bold, expressive distillation of form. After twenty-five years, Welch has honed a style that is sympathetic with, and yet proceeds from, this tradition and his sculptures have been exhibited throughout Britain, North America, Japan, Taiwan and Australia, where his 2013 exhibition ‘Stone and Bronze’ laid the foundation for Messum’s partnership with Melbourne’s Mossgreen.

“The taut, sleek shapes of Dominic Welch’s sculpture, poised on the point of a curve, seem to defy gravity. The stone that he uses is dense and massively heavy, but his sculpture is all about impetus, uplift, resurgence… Welch’s sculpture embodies feelings that are unnameable but as recognizable as feelings experienced when looking at a full moon or the delicate new growth of plants.” – Jenny Pery

Download Dominic Welch 2018 here.

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