Niamh O’Malley

Niamh O'Malley

Quarry' Production Still, 2011, Courtesy of the Artist & Green on Red Gallery

Artist Niamh O’Malley has made a short film about the Quarry and it is now on show at Dublin Contemporary 2011 at Earlsfort Terrace untill the end of October. The website for the Dublin Contemporary is here

About “Quarry”, 2011 : A filmic structure is used to examine an Irish limestone quarry, in terms of its duality as both a vast physical site and a non-site, a place built of displaced matter. Smithson talked about quarries as spaces of entropy, and they have a strange energy, they are in a sense monumental ruins, at the service of the monuments (themselves becoming ruins) they have built.
This work is part of a practice which is often about the process of finding or selecting an ‘image’. The quarry is interesting as its’ ‘image’ is produced in response to the geology of the site. It is an earth and stone factory with a negative solidity that appeals, holes that never end, that always hit rock.

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