Steve Shaheen

Steve Shaheen

Steve Shaheen is an artist who resides and works in New York City. He has worked and trained extensively in Italy, earning his degree as a stone sculptor in Siena, and his MFA from the New York Academy of Art.

He is the recipient of a Ludwig Volgestein grant, the Italian Cultural Institute/La Fortuna Foundation Fellowship, and a 2009-2010 Residency at the Digital Stone Project.
Shaheen’s indoor and outdoor installations are in public and private collections in Europe and the United States. His 100-ton marble and granite monument to 9/ll victims, Memoria, was covered by over fifty print and televised reports, including The New York Times and CBS/48 Hours. He currently teaches at the City University of New York in Manhattan, the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts and the New York Academy of Art, and he is the director of Tuscany Study, an intensive summer art program in Italy.

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Words from Steve Greeley New England Director, Vice President of Major Gifts

Thank you for your thoughtful and poignant email. The Griffins are very pleased. The monument is exquisite and inspiring and the Griffin family continues to be replenished by it. Quite a team joined in this effort, not the least of which were you and the McKeon Stone team. You were professional, talented, caring and a great source of support and encouragement to hardworking, dedicated and talented Steve Shaheen. We Boston Irish feel an almost unexplainable bond to Ireland and her people. As to the extended Griffin family , this bond has been further strengthened by the “McKeon team”, something that is very real. Our late and terribly-missed Corey would be very happy to know how and where this monument was created and, very proud , a comment I regularly hear from his immediate family, extended family and many friends. It is bringing many people to our small town and kept Corey’s unique flame burning. I hope the good people at McKeon get satisfaction from this.

On another note, people in the town, particularly from St. Mary’s parish, have come by to see the monument, many sitting on the bench and reflecting. While to any eye the monument is a beautiful piece of art, the peace it has brought to the wonderful Griffin family and their loving friends and reflections it stirs are and will be its biggest impact. Well done, Niall. You and your team have had a profound impact here and it will never be forgotten. Steve Shaheen, Rob Olson and the McKeon team were a gift…in my book, from God.

I promise to visit and hopefully some day with some of Corey’s family. I look forward to it.